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Create Your Story from Here…

As a manifestation of our seriousness to working in this line of business tourism and travel all over the world

as well as Event Consultant-oriented consumer satisfaction,

Fits the philosophy of our company is to “Create Your Story From Here…!”

made us increasingly confident to provide the best service to all our customers and strive together for our consumers can

“create a story (beautiful) them with us (Kayana Tour & Event Consultant)”.

In the beginning of 2009, we are a group of creative people and have the same passion that is traveling and coordinating events. During this time we engaged in school events for our sons and daughters, community events are there in Bandung also shows instances of our relationship. Over time we ventured together founded a company that can represent us and be our representative to work, do better for ourselves and all our relations. Based on a strong desire for more advanced, reaching further and open up wider markets we established PT. Kayana Almahyra Utama with the branding name “Kayana Tour & Event Consultant” who officially stands by 2015.

This year we began to open the tour and event consultant for business and consumers in the city of Bandung and in particular outside the province in General. Supported confidence and commitment as well as professional skills we started venturing overseas travel both Asian as well as European, by this time also we are pioneering a trip to Mecca. In addition, as a form of service to the consumer assistance services we also provide travel documents, passport, visa, and all documents that are associated with the trip. On the other hand with the greater consumer confidence we also became Event Consultant for some of the corporate event or instance of our relationship.


Be a leading company of tourism services and event consultant who can give satisfaction to customers through product and service quality and standard


Mission :

To provide a quality service and to the standard form of ease, convenience and speed in a tour event and consulting to the consumer which is composed of government agencies, corporations, schools, college campuses, communities and individuals.

And to build long-term good relations with consumers as one of our advantages in the face of competition existing competitors in the market.

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