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Kayana Almahyra Utama provides several products and travel services to meet the needs of consumers.

Our products and services are as follows:



We are provide for the packages tours both domestic and international package because God created this world which is full of surprises & beauty, many we have seen, many we have not & few are still hidden. Only few lucky people get the change to explore this beauty, many are untouched by majority.


That’s why we came up with the vision to take people around the world & witness the beauty of the god & man made too. No matter what your budget is, how big or small you are; which section of the society you belong.



Hajj & Umrah is considered to be the largest pilgrimage in the world and the fifth pillar of Islam. It is also considered as a unique opportunity for people to seek forgiveness from Allah and start afresh in their lives.


We as Hajj & Umrah Travel Organizers and Umrah Tour Organizers, consider this to be an opportunity to do noble service, through which we aim to organise the best hajj pilgrimage tour for our clients. We not only offer special treatments and customised Hajj & Umrah Travel Packages, but also providing value for money Hajj & Umrah tour packages.


Spiritual tourism independent package is our newest program. A perfection in your spiritual journey is our greatsest joy



An upcoming event can be incredibly stressful… How can you pull off the gala of the season? The answer is simple, call and let us handle your event!


Kayana Tour & Event Consultant is a Bandung based events management company.  We specialise in corporate functions, social events, party planning and decor.


Friendship and business are the invaluable rewards of a successful event and meticulous organisation is the reason for its success.



We are serve train and plane tickets both domestic and international


We provide the best prices and excellent services for booking Domestic and International Tickets. We can book domestic air tickets on Low Cost Carriers (LCC) and also normal fare domestic carriers.


We also books tickets for International flights and Multi stop flights in all classes.



We are serve the sale of the domestic and international hotel vouchers.


Whatever your occasions, either you’re on family holiday or business trip, Our aim is to provide a fantastic, simple, easy, and reasonable price for your every need.



We also provide car rentals both in and out of town like Java and Bali is also inter-provincial city bus


Whether your car hire needs are to just get around town or if you’re planning a cross-country adventure, we have the car rental options to suit your needs and budget.


Everyone has different needs when it comes to car rental, that’s why we offer one of the biggest range of vehicles you’ll find. Take a quick look to find the one that suits you. And if you’ve got a big job on and need a hire car to match.



We provide help ease management of the manufacture of travel documents such as passports, visas and all travel documents required.

We offer fast, dependable processing that takes the headache out of travel preparation.  Whether you are a first time or seasoned traveler, allow our professional staff to handle all of your documentation needs.


We can provide you guidance and assistance in applying for passport and visa. We offer pre-check facility and have an experienced visa specialist to review and verify that your application is accurate and complete or if corrections are needed.

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